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Learnings from 2020

Where has January 2021 gone already? A quick list of my first year of freelancing learns that I expect will shape my year ahead and may help others in a similar situation or are just starting out!

  1. Say YES - I've really enjoyed new opportunities and experiences from blogging to creating webinars (for others) and volunteering. Who knew!

  2. Don't push - if people want your services they will give you the time. if they don't, take it as a not yet.

  3. Keep sowing seeds - talk to people, reach out, share your passion and what you're striving to achieve.

  4. Contribute, contribute, contribute - paying it forward by giving your time and insight to others, sharing your experience will pay dividends, eventually.

  5. Collaborate - find and connect with people that complement your work and gives you the opportunity to go to market with broader services, expertise and support.

  6. Do what makes you thrive, what lights you up and find help from others for the stuff you don't like doing.

  7. Work hard, deliver your promises and help your clients succeed.

What are your learns?

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