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Change Leadership for the 'new reality'

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

The diagram, inspired by the Berkana Institute’s theory of change, shows the journey of a system or process from initiation to closure and the rise of the new system and process.

The left hand side curved arrow shows the current system / process heading towards its peek and maturing within the organisation. At this point the current system starts to hit a legacy point (legacy curve) and starts the journey of becoming the ‘old system’. During this point the current system hits the legacy curve, this triggers a strategic objective to initiate a new system.

Business Change Leaders and Programme Leaders are assigned as the new system starts to build momentum, the vision and blueprints are designed and initiated which then turn into the outputs which creates the capability.

During this stage networks and communities are formed to help guide, nurture and develop individuals, teams and functions to bring the new system to life.

Whilst the current / old system starts to decline the Business Change Leader starts to bridge the transition from old to new by capturing the 'AS IS' to 'TO BE' elements.

At this stage it is imperative that the current subject matter experts from the old system are re-utilised and brought onboard the new system i.e. re-utilising the resource. The Business Change Leader will also manage the process of closing the old system as well as bringing the new system into business as usual.

As the new system starts to mature the Business Change Leader will be tracking, monitoring and releasing the benefits into the business.

If you need help navigating this process, I can help. I'm an experienced change professional that helps you to build your change capabilities. Please contact me to discuss further.

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